More Orders,More Discount!We can supply kinds of elevator elevator guide rails,you can choose completer guide rail complete with accessories, or guide rail and fish plate, or only guide rails. if you send us elevator speed,the quantities of guide rails,and the type of guide rail,for example,5K,8K,13K,18K,T70,T75,T89,T90,T114 and so on. Or tell us which type of you is solid guide rails or hollow guide rail.we can quote it to you asap.

Elevator guide rail

Elevator guide rail is consisting of steel rail and fish plate, which is including car rail and counterweight rail.

From the cross-section shape,it is divided into:

  • Shapedelevator guide rail

L-Shaped elevator guide rail

Hollow elevator guide rail

Elevator guide rails are divided into 3 categories:

  • Solid guide rail
  • Hollow guide rail
  • Escalator guide rail


There are many specifications of solid guide rails.

According to the weight per meter, they can be divided into:

8K, 13K, 18K, 24K, 30K, 50K, etc.

According to the width of the bottom plate, they can be divided into:

T45, T50, T70, T75, T78, T82, T89, T90, T114 , T127, T140, etc.

Hollow guide rails can be divided into TK3 and TK5 or TK5 and TK5A, according to the weight per meter and face shape.


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